Tailor-Made Electronic Controls

Custom Product Development

Our experienced team possesses a deep understanding of industry-specific requirements. Before we start any new product design, we develop a complete understanding of both our customer's end product and the application. Through innovative design we solve our OEM customers' intelligent control problems, and provide high quality manufactured solutions that integrate with their products.

Our Design for Excellence (DfX) strategy places strong emphasis on Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Test (DFT), and Design for Reliability (DFR) throughout our product design process. We understand that these principles are crucial in creating efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes, ensuring ease of testing and troubleshooting, and maximizing product reliability. By considering factors such as component selection, assembly processes, test methodologies, and robustness in design, we aim to minimize production challenges, reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market, and enhance the overall quality and reliability of our products. This enables us to deliver exceptional products that meet the highest industry standards and exceed our customers' expectations.


We manufacture all of our products at a US based ISO9001 certified manufacturing site. We deeply integrate Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Test (DFT), our custom in-house automated test equipment, and automated assembly processes to assemble products in the USA. This provides our customers with products that are cost-competitive, while offering faster turn-around times and ensuring higher quality. Our commitment to DFM and DFT principles allows us to optimize the design of our products for efficient manufacturing and testing, reducing unnecessary complexities and minimizing production costs. Additionally, our investment in custom in-house automated test equipment enables us to conduct fast and accurate testing, ensuring high standards of quality and reliability. Our automated assembly processes enhance efficiency, precision, and consistency, resulting in faster production cycles and improved overall product quality. By leveraging these capabilities we provide the benefits of local assembly in the USA including shorter lead times, reduced shipping costs, and improved responsiveness, while maintaining cost competitiveness and delivering products that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.